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Month: July 2009

L'ANZA Gets Twitterpated

So you’ve heard of this thing called Twitter…but you’ve been avoiding it, or don’t see the point. Or maybe you’ve already joined up, but really haven’t jumped in? Well now is the time for a proper introduction to Twitter – get ready to join the conversation.

L'ANZA LifeStyle – Our Latest Opus

The latest issue of L'ANZA LifeStyle is HERE!

Building Your Hair Portfolio

Maka Beauty Systems' L'ANZA Brand Manager and stylist Amy Freudenberg writes about building your hair portfolio. She now has her local L'ANZA Leaders involved and working on books of their own!

Powder Up Texturizer – Movin' & Shakin' Things Up!

Powder Up makes its first appearance in the world of salon professional publications! The Stylist Papers are currently highlighting L'ANZA's runaway hit in their "What's New In The Market/Product Spotlight" for July. The California and Texas issues should be hitting today,