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From care to color, L’ANZA heals, seals, and protects hair around the world. We utilize the latest technology available to keep our product performance ahead of the rest.

While many haircare lines claim they repair the hair, L’ANZA is the only brand able to heal the hair, delivering maximum shine and color that lasts.

L’ANZA maintains a green commitment by ensuring that all of our products and actions support a healthy and sustainable Earth.

We are proud to be a professional, diversion-free brand, creating the finest professional haircare products, tools, and education in the world.

Our Mission Statement

- Believe / Inspire / Grow -

L'ANZA Makes The Impossible, Possible


L’ANZA aspires to be the catalyst for stylists, educators, and consumers, to BELIEVE in their own vision for a more beautiful self and world.


L’ANZA products, tools, and technologies INSPIRE and provide competence and confidence for everyone to achieve their possibilities.


L’ANZA engages the world for the sake of Beauty, spurring GROWTH in every member to self-realize and influence the community.

Free From Cruelty
L’ANZA does not test on animals.

We L'ove Our Stylists!

...after I originally posted Lanza contacted me immediately (by phone!!). It says a ton about a company who recognizes when something is not quite right and takes the time to correct the matter.
Stephanie Harrison / Stylist
By far they best product I have ever used in my entire career!! I am the most pickiest hairdresser I know and have the highest expectations for product lines. Lanza has by far exceeded my expectations and I swear never fails to surprise me, day in and day out. My own hair as well my clients hair continues to feel better and better every single time I color, wash, or even simply style it. The softness, the shine, the longevity, and the eco friendliness of every product makes this company above all! I AM A LIFER!
Jesse Allen Walker / Stylist
Best quality, elegant packing, coagulation made by special materials. They're amazing.
Sil Pham / Stylist
I love the whole line of Lanza hair products, I use it on all my clients. I've tried different color lines and Lanza is my favorite, there are so many combinations to be able to make colors I love it and don't get me started on the vibes collection what an amazing line I love how the color just glides on and the vibrancy is truly incredible. Thank you Lanza!
Nicole Sanchez / Stylist
I love this line. There products promote health and healing, their innovative color system is AMAZING, even better they are on a B.I.G. MISSION && I am so glad I joined!
Bryan Wyatt / Stylist

Our Global Team

- On The Cutting Edge -
Ammon Carver
Ammon Carver
Global Creative Director
Leah Freeman
Leah Freeman
Global Healing Color Director
Matt Swinney
Matt Swinney
Global Creative Director
Keratin Bond System

L’ANZA was introduced to the beauty industry as one of the first professional haircare brands specifically designed to address individual hair needs. Using the proprietary Keratin Bond System, L’ANZA was able to target the causes of hair damage, not just the symptoms. L’ANZA built upon this tradition of keratin, incorporating the latest in haircare ingredient technology, as well as wild-crafted and sustainable planted-based ingredients, creating the Keratin Healing System (KHS). With the power of Keratin Amino Acids, Healing Actives, and Triple UV Protection (UVA, UVB, UVC), Nano Science 10² delivery system, sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free Shampoos, KHS has become the foundation for all L’ANZA products.

Flower Shield Complex

L’ANZA took the innovative technology from Healing Haircare to establish a new level of salon service – Healing Color. L’ANZA Healing Color provides the longest-lasting hair color possible. The proprietary Color Attachment Technology contains the Keratin Healing System and Flower Shield Complex, and delivers rich, vibrant color that is on level, and true-to-tone. L’ANZA Healing Color can be formulated for Permanent, Demi Permanent, and Demi Translucent, all from one tube of color, allowing for endless creativity while reducing salon inventory.

Phyto IV Complex

Constantly searching for new ways to heal the hair, L’ANZA discovered a new way to combine a unique blend of botanicals to deliver unprecedented healing and shine. Dubbed the Phyto IV Complex, this restorative blend of four unique wild-crafted plant oils brings the hair unparalleled health and shine. This next generation fusion is the foundation of the super luxury Keratin Healing Oil collection.