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The Power Of Nature
In The Power Of Nature

L’ANZA takes extraordinary care to hand-select the finest wildcrafted botanicals from sustainable forests, jungles, and woodlands throughout the world. These organic, non-GMO plants provide the utmost purity, potency and efficacy, to deliver unmatched beautifying benefits to the hair. These wildcrafted botanicals are harvested by locals, who act as stewards to protect forests and their renewable resources. L’ANZA does not support deforestation, but rather advocates a sustainable relationship with nature. With less herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers used, our planet will be less toxic and better for humanity and the environment.


L’ANZA believes that haircare is not just about keeping hair beautiful and healthy, but also keeping Earth beautiful and healthy as well. L’ANZA products and comprehensive green policies promote a sustainable future through numerous programs, actions and initiatives.

Free From Cruelty
L’ANZA does not test on animals.