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B.I.G. Winner – Kelly Nance

When Salon Owner Kelly Nance won the L’ANZA B.I.G. Trip to New York City contest, it was literally a dream come true.  She crammed the ultimate New York City experience into four incredible days, including a special visit to Ammon Carver Studio for a hair service done by Ammon Carver himself!


Joining Kelly on her trip of a lifetime, was her dear friend, Terri.  “When I was knee-deep in breast cancer, Terri was my cancer advocate” explains Kelly.  “Now Terri has Leukemia, and I had a chance to make her feel special.  While at Ammon’s, I surprised her with a service, and she loved it!  Terri has been in swanky places before, but never felt more welcome or comfortable than in Ammon’s studio.  It was such a wonderful experience for both of us –  perfection without any pomp and circumstance.”


At Halo Salon in Franklin, Tennessee, Kelly is exclusively L’ANZA. “I love L'ANZA Healing Color and Retail,” says Kelly. “L’ANZA has inspired me to be an even more passionate hair stylist.” Congratulations to Kelly and her B.I.G. win!