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Go Green with L’ANZA VIBES!


Advanced Healing Artist Catlin Weston is back with another creation using VIBES High-Impact Hair Color. Inspired by Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, and her client who requested hair “like the color of a blade of grass in Fall, with accents of a unique blue”.



Get Catlin’s unique technique below!

Inspiration: PANTONE Greenery with L’ANZA VIBES


30g Healing Color Powder Decolorizer + 60 Volume Healing Color Developer



Green VIBES: 20g Yellow + 15g Blue + 10g Clear

VIBES: Equal parts Blue + Teal

Artist Note: To create variation in depth and tone, do not mix the two shades together completely.

Model Began with a Natural Level 7 Hair

Step 1: Start with a heavy Balayage of the Decolorizer Formula.  Turn brush perpendicular to make peaks and valleys higher toward the face, cascading back.  Apply lighter to ends, peaking higher toward the face. Process until hair reaches a Level 9, and rinse.

Cleanse and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 2: Beginning on a diagonal, take ½” sections in back-to-back foils and Balayage Green VIBES Formula, peaking higher, toward the face.

Step 3:  Using your own creativity, apply Blue VIBES Formula visually to accent the all-over color.  For every 2 BLUE foils, apply 1 TEAL foil.  (Remember: Blue and Teal are not completely mixed!)  Process for 15 minutes.

Step 4: At the color bowl, apply Green VIBES Formula over the entire head while other foils are processing, leave in for another 10 minutes, and rinse.

Cleanse and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo and Conditioner.

About the Artist

Advanced Healing Artist Catlin Weston entered the world of professional hair design in 2003.  With a passion for fashion, Catlin has been the trusted Lead Stylist for the Twin Cities’ largest fashion shows, Voltage Fashion Amplified and Retro Rama, eight years running.  She traveled to New York to style Fashion Week in 2010, and supported the L’ANZA Global Creative Team at the House of HARBISON shows at New York Fashion Week in 2015.  Behind the camera, Catlin’s looks can be seen on the pages of local fashion and lifestyle magazines like, City Pages, Metro, Minnesota Bride and L'etoile.

Wherever she goes, Catlin’s first love is taking care of her clients.  Specializing in curly hair, color, event and bridal styling, Catlin’s second home is Evolution Salon, L’ANZA’s first Healing Center, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Follow Catlin on Instagram @catallyn