Collection of LANZA Healing ColorCare products lined up

Color Attachment Technology Maintains Vibrant, True-To-Tone Color


Delivers full-spectrum color protection with anti-fade compounds for lasting vibrancy and fade protection. The result: Hair Color that stays true-to-tone and radiant longer – even the brightest reds!

  • Flower Shield Complex provides maximum color protection for all shades
  • Heals hair while producing a brilliant shine
  • Hair color is guaranteed to look rich and vibrant longer


Color-Preserving Shampoo
300 ml/10.1 oz & 1000 ml/Liter

Extra-mild & sulfate-free formula gently lifts away impurities while preserving hair colors vibrancy. Healing Actives heal & seal in color pigments to maximize color retention. Hair is soft while color is radiant and shiny.

  •    Renews hair for shine.
  •    Maximizes hair color retention.
  •    Triple UV color protection prevent damage and fading.

Color-Preserving Conditioner
250 ml/8.5 oz & 1000 ml Liter

A mild daily conditioner that replaces vital nutrients and helps maintain vibrant color. Provides essential strength and lightweight moisture.

  •    Provides lightweight condition
  •    Maximizes hair color retention.
  •    Triple UV color protection prevent damage and fading.

Trauma Treatment
150 ml/5.1 oz and 1000 ml/Liter

A Deep conditioning treatment that heals traumatized hair. Versatile formula can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out treatment. Use as a daily or weekly conditioner.

  •    Contains abundant amounts of the essential amino acids for proper color attachment within the hair
  •    Improves color results and longevity.
  •    Contains the same potent anti-fade protectors that flowers use for their own color protection.

Clarifying Shampoo
300 ml/10.1 oz

A multi-action shampoo that clarifies while preserving color. Gently removes excess build-up, environmental debris and other toxins & debris from hair without stripping hair color.

  •    Eliminates “Swimmers Green” hair & “Well Water Orange” Hair
  •    Gently for daily use
  •    Removes build up while protecting hair color

Silver Brightening Shampoo
300 ml/10.1 oz & 1000 ml/Liter

A gently shampoo that is especially formulated for grey, white, blonde and silver hair looking to remove unwanted warmth

  •    Contains Organic Viola and Lavender toning agents to eliminate unwanted warmth and brassiness.
  •    Eliminates warmth and brassiness
  •    Use 1 to 2 times per week or as often as needed

Healing Color Care De-Brassing Blue Conditioner
8.5 Fl oz / 250 mL & 1000 ml/Liter

A debrassing conditioner that effectively corrects & cancels unwanted warm, brassy, orange & orange-red tones.

  •    Made with toning agents derived from Blue Lotus, Blue Honeysuckle Berry, Kale and Blue Minerals.
  •    Leaves hair silky soft & manageable
  •    Perfect for use on brunette shades.

Color Illuminator
3.4 oz/100 ml

A weightless Hair Color brightener that instantly revives hair color and boosts vibrancy and shine.

  •       Boosts hue vibrancy & vividness
  •       Provides a healthy, radiant shine
  •       Weightless formula is perfect to use in-between color services

Color Guard
3.8 oz/200 ml

A color protection spray that prevents water-induced color fading. UV protectors shield against ultraviolet fading. Super antioxidants guard against color degradation. Extends hair color and leaves hair soft, radiant & shiny.

  •       Use before shampooing or contact with water to prevent water-induced color fading.
  •       Use after shampooing to protect hair color
  •       Instantly revives dull, aged-looking hair color back into brilliant hues.