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Keratin Healing System

As new technology has become available, the Keratin Healing System has become the next step in healing technology.

The Keratin Healing System Contains potent doses of:

Keratin Amino Acids

Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex

UVA, UVB, and UVC Protection

Through this system, Keratin Amino Acids are actually embedded deep inside each individual hair. The protein functions synergistically with the Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex to heal and moisturize. These positively charged healers are attracted to damaged areas which are negatively charged. This action allows the hair to heal from within, so the external texture becomes smooth, shiny, and healthier.

The Power of Three

Hair is not only comprised of protein, but also moisture and minerals. L’ANZA has developed two complexes to specifically replace the proper moisture and minerals to the hair.


The L’ANZA Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex adds shine, hydration and structural integrity to the hair – healing dry, damaged hair more effectively than ever. The oils from the Meadowfoam Flower Seeds contain lipids essential to proper hydration of the hair.

Interesting fact: Meadowfoam is native to the western coast of North America. Its name is derived from the white blooming canopy which gives the image of white foam covering the soil. Since 1959, the Meadowfoam plant has brought its many benefits to personal care products.


L’ANZA products contain an exclusive blend of mineral-fortified PCAs (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid). Not only do these advanced ingredients help maintain hair’s moisture; they also replenish the necessary minerals lost during chemical processing.

  • Sodium PCA: A hygroscopic ingredient that attracts moisture from the air. It is used as a moisturizer and is a stronger hydrating agent than the traditional glycerin-based ingredients.
  • Magnesium PCA: A super-moisturizing agent that fights against fatigue and stress by rehabilitating hair fiber.
  • Zinc PCA: Helps restore healing activity by fortifying the cortical wall while infusing moisture.
  • Manganese PCA: Helps in the hydrolysis of hair cells.

All PCAs are extraordinary humectants which reinforce the ability of the KHS to attract and maintain moisture inside of the hair and dramatically improve elasticity.