LIVE LIFE IN COLOR! New Ultra Reds & 4G

New Ultra Reds colors from L'ANZA



  • 3 new vivid & intense permanent Ultra Red Shades​
  • RE-FORMULATED 5RR Light Ultra Red Brown​
  • NEW 6RR Darkest Ultra Red Blonde​
  • NEW 7RR Dark Ultra Red Blonde​
  • New 4G Medium Golden Brown with golden tones​
  • Improved dye technology for true-to-tone hues​
  • Intense & brilliant results​
  • Suitable for use on all levels of hair color​
  • Excellent Gray Coverage​
  • Flower Shield Complex® a specialized blend of flower extracts designed to protect hair, prevent color fadage


Want to warm up your reds? Add up to 10g of Gold or Copper Mix to your Red formula. Cool down hot hues by adding up to 5g of Violet Mix to any red mixture of 30g or more.​

Create multidimensional reds just by changing Developers! Using the same tube of your favorite RR shade, mix separate formulas with 20 Volume, 40 Volume & Demi Cream Developer. Alternate foils in a 20-Demi-40 Volume pattern for supreme depth & dimension.   ​

To ensure maximum saturation, take sections fine enough to read a text message through!

Banner of model with L'ANZA's New Ultra Reds

4 comments on “LIVE LIFE IN COLOR! New Ultra Reds & 4G

  1. Hello ! I just purchased the dark ultra red copper brown color 4RR , but I’m finding it hard to find any color swatches to see what the color looks like , looking for a really red look and hoping I picked the right color !

  2. will I need to formulate for gray coverage if this has “Excellent Gray Coverage”? I added a natural and the color was off.

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