We are a tribe full of heart, led by a strong mission to help all salon professionals to believe in a more beautiful world. We are a tribe that seeks to inspire others through our actions to support sustainable practices and shape a sustainable future for our youth.

We are a tribe that encourages others to grow in ways they never thought possible and empowers them to achieve greatness.

We are the L’ANZA Tribe!

Matt Swinney — Global Creative Director


Global Creative Director

“Believe in something that is bigger than yourself. Inspire others to understand that together we can accomplish more. We are a global community”

“Believe in something that is bigger than yourself. Inspire others to understand that together we can accomplish more. We are a global community”

The fusion of art, science and creativity is the driving force behind Matt Swinney’s ambition and passion for the haircare industry.  A four-time North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA) winner,Matt took home trophies for 2017 NAHA for Hair Color of the Year and Salon Team of the Year.

He recently earned his first nomination and win in Behind the Chair’s 2017 #BIGSHOT award for his incendiary work in the Avant-Garde category. Matt has been highlighted as a Beauty Genius by Elle, and his work has been featured in American Salon, Modern Salon,, Estetica, Canadian Hairdresser, and trade publications worldwide. As Global Creative Director for L’ANZA, Matt collaborates with his fellow Creative Team to conceptualize and develop the L’ANZA Collections for the season.  He has led styling teams at New York Fashion Week for fashion heavyweights like HARBISON and Karigam, and regularly travels the globe inspiring stylists with his unique approach to cutting and coloring techniques. At home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Matt co-owns Evolution Hair Studio – the world’s first L’ANZA Healing Center, and 2017’s NAHA-award winning Salon Team of the Year.  Whether instructing a class or touching up a client behind the chair, Matt’s core philosophy remains the same:  Help everyone you touch reach their highest potential, while striving to reach your own.


Global Creative Director

“We inspire you to be aware of your own creative potential. Everyone has it in them. The question is are you willing to take the chance to find it.”

Celebrated as a renowned color authority worldwide, Leah Freeman brings over 20 years of top tier beauty industry experience. From in-salon education to editorial and hair fashion design, Leah has traveled the globe as a platform artist and trainer sharing her passion. Her designs have appeared in dozens of industry publications, including Modern Salon, Estetica, American Salon, Salon Today, Behind the Chair and more.  Leah became the first person ever to win the same category two years in a row, at BTC’s prestigious #ONESHOT awards, sponsored by Behind The Chair by taking home the Creative Color category trophy in both 2017 and 2018. She has been celebrated as one of the Top 20 Most Recognized Colorists in the professional beauty industry, and is known for building powerful education tools to excite and inspire colorists at all levels.  Leah has a clear understanding of how to foster creativity, while building a successful salon business. She is the owner of FUSE salon and spa, a L’ANZA Healing Center, in historic Frankfort, Illinois. When not working behind the chair, in her salon, she leads the development of L’ANZA’s Healing Hair color as the Global Color Director, she collaborates with the Global Creative Team to forecast on-trend color palettes and application techniques for the coming seasons. She also serves as a mentor to our expansive tribe of Healing Artists, sharing her combination of passion, technical know-how, and her brilliant creative vision.

Leah Freeman — Global Creative Director
Ammon Carver — Global Creative Director


Global Creative Director

“Our BIG mission is all about understanding that beauty professionals today do much more than cut, color or style behind the chair.  At L’ANZA, we know that we can have a ripple effect that makes a massive change around the world.

Ammon Carver has come a long way from his days training show horses in Utah. Since making his professional career debut, Ammon has become a prominent industry force and unparalleled beauty expert. After moving to Manhattan, Ammon quickly built a loyal clientele, including celebrities Leighton Meester, Maggie Grace, Katie Lee Joel, Bruce and Patty Springsteen, Molly Simms, Parker Posey and Kate Beckinsale.

In addition to his impressive work behind the chair, his repertoire also includes styling for advertising and fashion campaigns, film, television, and runway shows. Backstage at New York Fashion Week, he has worked behind the scenes with luxury brands Van Cleef & Arpels, Ralph Lauren Polo, Nautica, Luca Luca, Vlassis, and more. His editorial designs have appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Lucky, American Salon, The Cityist, The Colorist, People en Español, and Dazed & Confused. Ammon’s creations have also been seen at the MTV Movie Awards, the Sundance Film Festival, and the Independent Spirit Awards. In 2016, he won 2 prestigious North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) awards. He won both the 2016 NAHA Master Stylist of the Year and the 2016 NAHA Salon Team of the Year for his studio the Ammon Carver a L’ANZA Healing Center.

Launched in 2014, the Ammon Carver a L’ANZA Healing Center Studio is Ammon’s new home behind the chair. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this creative space will cater to all things beauty, including hair salon services, a photo shoot space and a venue for beauty-related events.

As a Creative Director for L’ANZA Healing Haircare, Ammon brings his passion for education and mentoring to the L’ANZA Team. With a warm relatable presence that commands attention, Ammon travels the globe spreading the B.I.G. L’ANZA message: Believe.Inspire.Grow.


Global Education Director

“Our mission is about believing in all possibilities for the future, living to inspire others through our actions as leaders and helping people grow to their fullest potential as salon professionals. “

Scott Sueper is a hair color expert, salon owner, and world-renowned educator, with over 15 years in the professional industry. Scott’s signature styles can be found on the pages of popular trades like Modern Salon and Behind the Chair, along with local bridal publications and newspapers.  Acclaimed by audiences around the world, Scott showcases beautiful hair color and design, while providing helpful business-building strategies to keep stylists motivated and inspired every day behind the chair. As Artistic Development Director, Scott works closely with our Global Creative Team to develop an informative and compelling education curriculum for L’ANZA. He also serves as a key mentor figure to our Healing Artist community, sharing his knowledge and passion for professionalism, education, and the beauty business.

Scott Sueper — Global Director of Education




Ready to take your career to the highest level? At L’ANZA, you can elevate your knowledge by getting involved as a Healing Artist. L’ANZA’s Healing Artists of all levels travel the country and the world sharing their knowledge of L’ANZA products and techniques to take your craft to the next level.

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