• Revolutionary High-Impact Dye Technology introduces a new generation of direct dyes, creating longer-lasting, mirror-reflective color results.
  • Keratin Healing System heals and repairs hair.
  • Flower Shield Complex ensures color protection & vibrancy
  • 11 shades: Red, Blue, Yellow, Blush, Bare, Smoke, Orange, Teal, Violet, Magenta and Clear, for ultimate dilution capabilities
  • Last up to 20 Shampoos







Frequently Asked Questions

VIBES shades are high-impact, Semi-Permanent haircolor.

What is “High-Impact Dye Technology”?
High-Impact Dye Technology is behind a new generation of direct dyes.
What makes VIBES different from other high-fashion shades?
While many direct dyes create a dull or matte finish, VIBES gives the hair shiny, mirror-reflective results, for up to 20 shampoos! VIBES also contains Flower Shield Complex and Keratin Healing System, ensuring longer-lasting color and maximum hair integrity.
Does VIBES require Developer?
No. VIBES is a Semi-Permanent Color and does not require a Developer. Mix VIBES directly from the tube, using a bowl and brush.
Is pre-lightening required to achieve VIBES?
For the most vibrant and intense color, we recommend using Healing Powder Decolorizer or Healing Cream Decolorizer to pre-lighten the hair. Use the chart below to note the shade level required. Red 6-7 (Red/Red-Orange) Blush 9 (Yellow) Bare 10 (Pale Yellow/Yellow) Magenta 10 (Pale Yellow/Yellow) Violet 10 (Pale Yellow/Yellow) Blue 7 (Orange) Teal 8 (Yellow-Orange) Yellow Orange CLEAR SMOKE
How do I use VIBES Clear?
VIBES Clear can be mixed with any VIBES shade to soften and/or adjust the intensity of the end result.
Can I use VIBES Clear alone?
Yes! VIBES Clear can be used to achieve brilliant shine!
How long does VIBES take to process?
We recommend processing VIBES for 15-30 minutes, keeping in mind intensity is maximized at 30 minutes.
How long does VIBES take to process?
We recommend processing VIBES for 15-30 minutes, keeping in mind intensity is maximized at 30 minutes.
Does VIBES get rinsed with water, or does it require shampooing?
We recommend VIBES be rinsed out and hair be lightly shampooed with Healing ColorCare Shampoo.
Can I mix VIBES with L’ANZA Healing Color?
No. We DO NOT recommend intermixing VIBES with Healing Color – at all.
How do I remove VIBES?
To remove VIBES, we recommend a L’ANZA Beauty Bath. Mix 30g Healing Color-Cleansing Shampoo and 30g of Healing Powder Decolorizer, and blend with one of the following, depending on the desired strength of removal. MILD: 30g Water MODERATE: 30g 10 Volume Healing Color Developer MAXIMUM: 30g 20 Volume Healing Color Developer
What’s the best way to maintain my VIBES?
We recommend the L’ANZA Healing ColorCare system: Color-Preserving Shampoo, Color-Preserving Conditioner and Color-Preserving
What is the difference between L’ANZA Color Concepts and VIBES?
Concept Colors are created with L’ANZA Healing Color, which is oxidative color that requires a Developer to color hair. VIBES are Semi-Permanent, direct-dye shades. They color directly from the tube.