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Professional Treatments
Ultimate Treatment
Professional Treatment

The only 3-step customized healing service that can be done at the back bar prior to cut, color, perm or straightening services. The key is the Power Boosters that allow you to customize services based on your client’s hair type, condition, or desired service.

1. Chelating Shampoo
2. Deep Treatment [Power Boosters]
- a. Strength Power Booster
- b. Moisture Power Booster
- c. Volume Power Booster
3. Power Protector

Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Service
Professional Treatment

Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Service is critical care for distressed hair. Using Tissue Engineering Technology, this dual-phase professional salon service renews and restores critically damaged hair with unparalleled results. Critically damaged hair lacks the structural framework present when hair is healthy. EMERGENCY SERVICE reinforces areas of the hair that have been destroyed by severe damage or neglect.

Color Attach Step 1 and Step 2
Professional Treatment

Delivering full-spectrum color protection with anti-fade compounds for lasting vibrancy and fade protection. The Flower Shield Complex contains the same powerful anti-fade protectors flowers use in nature for their own color retention. It provides the strongest defense possible against hair color fading and works under the harshest UV and environmental conditions, similar in nature.