Powder Up: Something Of A Phenomenon

Oh, yes we did! Guess what gorgeous li'l gem of a product is gracing September's MODERN SALON magazine? POWDER UP makes it into "The Goods" section, as a salon professional must-have.

And if all this media buzzin' hasn't made you run out and buy 12 million bottles of the stuff, below are some raves from 'round the globe, fresh from our Facebook Wall of Healing.

Michel Figueiredo Nunes (Brazil) - Send it to brazil!!! I love it!!!!

Marisa Grooms (Charlotte, North Carolina) - Wow I love this. Keep it coming, things keep getting better and better.

Elaine Brown Furtado (San Francisco, California) - We can't keep this stuff on the shelves! We call it 'Hair Doping'.... The clients love it!

Lena Coskun (Sweden) - I love it!!!

Yvonne Rosales (Scottsdale, Arizona) - I can't wait to use it on my client!!

Stacia Cowden (Wichita, Kansas) - Absolutely love the Powder Up & Volume Line. Thank you for creating it!

Solange Côté (St. Augustin, Quebec) - vraiment formidable cette poudre miraculeuse

(The above French translates to “really formidable, this miraculous powder

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