Treat troubled scalps with a soothing system that rebalances and refreshes both oily and dry conditions.

Healing Remedy

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  • Scalp Balancing Cleanser

    Soothing daily shampoo restores wellness to both hair & scalp.

    • Reduces oiliness & excess sebum to promote ideal scalp balance.
    • Shiso Mint, Papaya & other natural purifiers help to eliminate flakes & other impurities.
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  • Scalp Balancing Conditioner

    Daily conditioner restores health & balance to both hair & scalp.

    • Contains a blend of soothing Coconut Water & nurturing Lavender Oil.
    •  Calms & comforts while balancing scalp moisture levels.
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  • Scalp Balancing Treatment

    Leave-in formula calms & comforts to keep scalp ideally balanced.

    • Helps to alleviate itching & discomfort without medication or drug side effects.
    • Instantly soothes & nurtures, ideal for dry scalp.
    • Helps to oxygenate & regenerate skin cells to promote healthy scalp.
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