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  • Lustrous Shampoo

    Ultra-rich, creamy lather provides gentle cleansing.

    • Adds body & volume while protecting hair color.
    • Replenishes optimal moisture.
    • Super-concentrated healing actives restore healthy strength.
    • Hair is left soft, smooth & lustrous.
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  • Clarifying Shampoo

    The first healing shampoo that clarifies while preserving hair color.

    • Removes embedded minerals, metals & debris without stripping hair color.
    • Eliminates “swimmer’s green” & “well water orange” hair.
    • Sulfate-free & EDTA free.
    • Uses natural Phytic Acid derived from Organic Rice to gently chelate the hair.
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  • Silver Brightening Shampoo

    Brings out the sparkle in silver, gray, white, blonde & highlighted hair.

    • Controls unwanted warm tones & banishes brassiness.
    • Contains natural Viola & Lavender as toning agents.
    • Sulfate-free formula keeps hair color lasting longer.
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  • Color Preserving Shampoo

    • Sulfate-free daily shampoo provides maximum hair color protection.
    • Removes dulling impurities while healing.
    • Extra gentle leaves hair color looking rich & vibrant.
    • Contains natural Gugo Bark for a creamy, luxurious lather.
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  • Bright Blonde Shampoo

    Sulfate-free shampoo gently purifies to keep blonde hair bright & shiny

    • Removes deeply-embedded debris & dulling pollutants
    • Delivers illuminating sparkle & shine
    • Protects hair color and toners
    • Specially formulated for natural & decolorized blonde hair
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  • Tamanu Cream Shampoo

    Daily shampoo rehydrates dry, depleted hair without adding weight.

    • Contains Tahitian Tamanu Nut Oil for ideal moisturization.
    • Cleanses gently without stripping natural oils & nutrients.
    • Sulfate-free & extra gentle, leaves hair clean & silky-soft.
    • Polynesian Gugo Bark provides a rich, creamy lather.
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  • Thickening Shampoo

    Daily sulfate-free shampoo removes excess oil that weighs down hair.

    • Delivers body & fullness to fine, thin hair.
    • Provides gentle cleansing without leaving hair rough or dry.
    • This sodium chloride-free formula contains Gugo Bark for rich, abundant lather.
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  • White Tea Shampoo

    Daily shampoo contains White Tea, an extra potent antioxidant.

    • Eliminates free radicals that cause hair’s premature aging.
    • Strengthens hair weakened by chemical processing, heat & other age-accelerators.
    • Natural Gugo Bark provides a creamy, luxurious lather.
    • Fiber integrity is restored, resulting in stronger, shinier, healthier hair.
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  • Glossifying Shampoo

    Daily hair-smoothing shampoo gently cleanses hair while stopping frizz.

    • Mangosteen Fruit Extract adds a glossy shine.
    • Gugo Bark provides a creamy, luxurious lather.
    • Ideal for clients looking to achieve a natural straight look.
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  • Scalp Balancing Cleanser

    Soothing daily shampoo restores wellness to both hair & scalp.

    • Reduces oiliness & excess sebum to promote ideal scalp balance.
    • Shiso Mint, Papaya & other natural purifiers help to eliminate flakes & other impurities.
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  • Cleansing Cream

    Light cleansing formula refreshes hair as an “in between shampoo”, shampoo.

    • Lather-free alternative to traditional shampoos.
    • Formulated for those who want to skip a day (or two) from traditional shampooing.
    • Refreshes hair without removing natural oils.
    • Fortifies & heals hair with protein & nutrients.
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  • Stimulating Shampoo

    All hair types looking for fuller-looking hair.

    • Gently removes dead cells to clear-away follicle-clogging debris.
    • Delivers vital nutrients to nourish healthy growth.
    • Sulfate-free, sodium chloride-free formula & color-safe.
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  • Dry Shampoo

    Natural, invisible powder with extra absorbency and no residue

    • Natural Hectorite mineral powder absorbs impurities.
    • Peppermint clarifies & purifies while freshening the scalp.
    • Naturally cleanses without traditional surfactants.
    • Effectively purifies & balances all hair and scalp types.
    • Fortifies & heals hair.
    • Great for loose, uplifted looks.
    • Control: 1 of 10.
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