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L'ANZA Healing Haircare: Products of Dreams


In the 1989 movie, Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner, there is a famous quote, “If you build it, he will come.”

At L’ANZA, we say, “If you build the best products, they will come.” Formulating the highest-quality, best-performing products has been our philosophy, passion and commitment for the past 12 years. We truly understand that product performance is most important to professionals and their clients.


Dr. Bill Topolinski
"Dr. Bill" Topolinski, Vice-President, Research & Product Development

Many haircare conglomerates with big advertising budgets often pour huge amounts of money into catchy campaigns to grab attention. While this creates hype and garners initial sales, they are missing the point. By diverting a great deal of funds and resources into PR and advertising, they often skimp on the most important part…the quality of the product!

As an independently owned, salon-only company, L’ANZA heavily invests into research and development to acquire the most advanced, cutting-edge technology in all of our products. We believe that the extra money we spend on product development and the highest-quality ingredients are worth our investment. Our business building strategy is simple: by formulating the best possible products, we will earn the respect from our professional partners and achieve long-term success.


The Perfect Oil

The success of the Keratin Healing Oil line is an example that illustrates our commitment and unrelenting pursuit for only the finest products. When developing the formulas, our team of researchers set out to create the best possible oil for the hair. This resulted in the remarkable Phyto IV Complex, a scientific blend of four plant oils that together, deliver incredible, never-seen-before benefits to the hair.

Whether it’s exotic wildcrafted botanicals or the newest scientific compounds, L’ANZA uses only the finest ingredients provided by science and nature. By focusing on ingenuity, innovation and excellence, we will continue our quest to develop the best performing products in the industry. Sometimes that means inventing products that may initially seem impossible, and making them possible. At L’ANZA, it will always be our passion and ambition to create the products of dreams.