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  • AirPaste

    • The first sprayable styling paste with Revolutionary Air Technology.
    • Short styles: immense grip allows molding, shaping, defining.
    • Long hair: provides light control & pliable support while stopping flyaways.
    • Fine, thin hair: adds body, texture & fullness.
    • Straight hair: creates waves for sexy, tousled looks.
    • Curly hair: holds curl pattern; boosts spiral memory.
    • Wax free, build-up free, weight free & clog free.
    • Control: 8 of 10.
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  • Beach Spray

    • Creates sexy, tousled, windswept hairstyles with natural waves & separation.
    • Nourishing ocean botanicals provide a “fresh from the beach” look.
    • Fortifying Sea Minerals give hair tossable texture.
    • Control: 5 of 10.
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  • Blonde Rescue

    Powerful leave-in reconstructor heals hair damaged by bleaching agents, over-processing & the harsh elements

    • Renews strength & replenishes moisture
    • Cream serum formula penetrates quickly without weight or residue
    • Prevents the absorption of dull, dingy off-tones
    • Protects hair color and toners
    • Guards against heat & UV rays
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  • Bodify Conditioner

    10.1 FL oz / 300 ml | 1L

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  • Bodify Shampoo

    10.1 FL oz / 300 ml

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  • Bounce Up Spray

    Delivers plump, voluminous blow-outs with body & bounce

    • Weightless formula builds robust thickness & fullness
    • Reduces drying time while providing extreme heat protection
    • Diminishes surface friction so brushes glide through easily
    • Provides long-lasting style with no build-up or product feel
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  • Bright Blonde Conditioner

    Ultra-healing formula illuminates blonde hair

    • Instantly detangles & moisturizes
    • Fortifies & nourishes to restores vital strength & elasticity
    • Leaves hair silky-soft & luminous
    • Protects hair color and toners
    • Specially formulated for natural & decolorized blonde hair
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  • Bright Blonde Shampoo

    Sulfate-free shampoo gently purifies to keep blonde hair bright & shiny

    • Removes deeply-embedded debris & dulling pollutants
    • Delivers illuminating sparkle & shine
    • Protects hair color and toners
    • Specially formulated for natural & decolorized blonde hair
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  • Brilliant Texture

    Unique formula provides both high-gloss & tenacious texture.

    • Resilient hold with decisive dimension & all-day control.
    • Produces a reflective, lustrous, polished look without greasiness.
    • Humidity guard stops frizz.
    • Control factor: 8 of 10.
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  • Brush Thru Hair Spray

    Restyleable working spray with rebound memory.

    • A truly brushable medium hold hair spray.
    • Clean, residue-free formula won’t build-up or leave flakes.
    • Lightweight & versatile with a shiny finish.
    • Micro-fine gentle mist allows for up-close, pin-point styling & updos.
    • Hold: 6 of 10.
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  • Clarifying Shampoo

    The first healing shampoo that clarifies while preserving hair color.

    • Removes embedded minerals, metals & debris without stripping hair color.
    • Eliminates “swimmer’s green” & “well water orange” hair.
    • Sulfate-free & EDTA free.
    • Uses natural Phytic Acid derived from Organic Rice to gently chelate the hair.
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  • Clay

    Dry formula allows for strong grip & bold textures.

    • Provides elevated control for molding unique styles.
    • Non-greasy formula with low sheen; ideal for all hair types.
    • Control: 8 of 10.
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  • Cleansing Cream

    Light cleansing formula refreshes hair as an “in between shampoo”, shampoo.

    • Lather-free alternative to traditional shampoos.
    • Formulated for those who want to skip a day (or two) from traditional shampooing.
    • Refreshes hair without removing natural oils.
    • Fortifies & heals hair with protein & nutrients.
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  • Color Guard

    Advanced color protector provides longer-lasting hair color.

    • Wash Shield reestablishes vital barriers to guard against color pigment washout.
    • UV shield protects against ultraviolet fading.
    • Super antioxidants guard against color degradation.
    • Weightless conditioning formula leaves hair soft & shiny.
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  • Color Illuminator

    Revives hair color without applying new color.

    • Instantly boosts hue vibrancy & vividness.
    • Color pigments illuminate with astonishing brilliance.
    • Weightless formula provides a healthy, radiant shine.
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  • Color Preserving Conditioner

    Daily conditioner replaces vital nutrients for optimal health.

    • Delivers unsurpassed hair color retention.
    • Provides essential strength & lightweight moisture.
    • Smoothes & detangles hair.
    • Leaves an incredible shine.
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  • Color Preserving Shampoo

    • Sulfate-free daily shampoo provides maximum hair color protection.
    • Removes dulling impurities while healing.
    • Extra gentle leaves hair color looking rich & vibrant.
    • Contains natural Gugo Bark for a creamy, luxurious lather.
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  • Color Preserving Trauma Treatment

    Potent treatment restores health to traumatized hair.

    • Extra deep healing formula.
    • Provides utmost hair color protection.
    • Contains abundant amino acids & Ceramide for improved color attachment.
    • Versatile, lightweight formula can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out treatment.
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  • Cream Gel

    Hydrates like a weightless cream & controls like a styling gel.

    • Creates volume, body & fullness.
    • Adds texture with strong, flexible support.
    • Moisturizes while delivering shine.
    • Protects from heat & UV rays.
    • Hold: 7 of 10.
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  • Curl Define Cream

    • Creates smooth, soft curls with perfectly aligned fibers.
    • Provides definition & luster while taming frizz.
    • Great for naturally curly hair or curls set with a hot iron or rollers.
    • Brazil Nut Oil & Murumuru Seed Butter detangle snarled hair.
    • Control: 2 of 10.
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  • Curl Up Cream

    Creates smooth, soft curls with perfectly aligned fibers.

    • Revives curls & waves, while eliminating frizz
    • Enhances spiral memory
    • Holds soft curl patterns with long-lasting retention
    • Control: 5 of 10.
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  • Daily Clarify Shampoo

    10.1 FL oz / 300 ml | 1L

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  • De-Brassing Blue Conditioner

    Eliminates unwanted warmth & brassiness in the orange to orange-red range.

    • Ideal for brunettes level 8 and below.
    • Contains natural toning agents: Blue Honeysuckle Berry, Kale, Blue Mineral Pigment & Blue Lotus.
    • Leaves hair soft, silky & shiny.
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  • Defrizz Cream

    • Instantly eliminates the most stubborn frizz & flyaways
    • Locks-down cuticles to block-out humidity
    • Reduces porosity to shield against water intrusion
    • Detangles & unsnarls coarse, unmanageable hair
    • Smooths hair while leaving a brilliant shine
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  • Design F/X

    • Lightweight & flexible working spray; great for hot tools.
    • Hair flexes & moves, then rebounds to its original look.
    • Hair remains brushable while providing a natural hold.
    • UV & heat protectors; humidity resistant.
    • Control: 4 of 10.
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  • Design Foam

    Rich, creamy, workable foam adds body, bounce & fullness.

    • Provides flexible support with touchable softness.
    • Seals-out atmospheric moisture to prevent frizz.
    • Leaves hair soft & smooth with a natural look & feel
    • Control: 4 of 10.
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  • Dramatic F/X

    Award-winning hair spray.

    • Strong-hold, fast-drying finishing mist.
    • Never stiff or sticky; won’t crack or flake.
    • Extended hold provides longest shape retention possible.
    • Control: 8 of 10.
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  • Dry Shampoo

    Natural, invisible powder with extra absorbency and no residue

    • Natural Hectorite mineral powder absorbs impurities.
    • Peppermint clarifies & purifies while freshening the scalp.
    • Naturally cleanses without traditional surfactants.
    • Effectively purifies & balances all hair and scalp types.
    • Fortifies & heals hair.
    • Great for loose, uplifted looks.
    • Control: 1 of 10.
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  • Dry Texture Spray

    Provides light, fluffy texture that feels natural.

    • Gives hair a tousled, sexy, second-day look.
    • Delivers volume & lift with bountiful body.
    • Sprays-on dry with matte finish.
    • Hair is brushable & touchable.
    • Control: 5 of 10.
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  • Emergency Service

    The only professional service that heals critically damaged hair
    Restores hair’s integrity with improved: Strength, Resiliency, Smoothness & Shine

    Ideal for Critically Damaged Hair Caused By:

    • HARSH CHEMICALS: poor quality color, bleach, perms, relaxers, straighteners
    • ENVIRONMENTAL AGGRESSORS: pollution, ozone, wind
    • UV/INFRARED RAYS: sun, styling tools
    • MECHANICAL STRESS: combing, brushing, towel-drying
    • EXCESSIVE HEAT/THERMAL TRAUMA: flat irons, curling irons, dryers
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