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Model Began with a Starting Level 4

Smoking Hot Tips:

  • When working with SMOKE (or any blue-based tone), hair must be lifted to a “cool canvas” Level 9-10. Since any residual yellow in the hair will shift SMOKE from a gray steel color toward a greener slate tone (fading further green), you must counter-balance any remaining yellow undertones by adding 1g - 5g of VIOLET to your formula, for every 30g of SMOKE. Process for 30 minutes.
  • Always conduct a strand test prior to application, so you can ensure the best possible results for your clients’ individual hair needs.
  • If Smoke fades to green we recommend removing it with the Beauty Bath medium and adding more violet to the mixture upon re-application.



Pre & Post Service:

Color Attach Step 1: Pre-Color Service

Color Attach Step 2: Post-Color Service


Decolorizer Formula:

30g Healing Cream Decolorizer + 30g 20 Volume Healing Color Developer


Beauty Bath (Mild Formula):

30g Healing Color-Cleansing Shampoo + 30g Powder Decolorizer + 30g Water (Warm) + 5g Trauma Treatment


VIBES Glaze Formula:

16g VIBES Smoke + 90g VIBES Clear


VIBES Accent Colors:

20g VIBES Smoke (separate mixture)

5g VIBES Blue



Step 1 - Begin applying the Decolorizer Formula to new growth area. Then brighten previous lightened ends with a mild Beauty Bath. Process until all hair reaches Level 9, then rinse.


Step 2 - Perform an Ultimate Treatment Using 1-pump Strength Booster, 1-pump Volume Booster and 1-pump Moisture Booster, then blow-dry.


Step 3 - Spray Color Attach: Step 1 throughout hair.  Then, complete an all-over application with Vibes Glaze Formula. Process for 30 minutes, then rinse. Cleanse with Healing ColorCare Shampoo, and blow-dry.

Step 4 - Spray Color Attach: Step 1 throughout hair and comb through. Part head in half. Where hair is heaviest, part that side into a flat moon-shape, the length of the parietal ridge. In back-to- back foils, apply VIBES Accent Colors using the VIBES Sponge Brush to create softness with saturation. Start application with VIBES Smoke, then outline each section using VIBES Blue. Exercise your creativity and design your own unique placement pattern!

Step 5 - In the nape area, divide the back in half. From the center part, take a heavy triangle to the back of the right and left ear, and continue application. There will be a total of 4 foils on each side of the nape, and 3-4 on top of the head.


Step 6 - Process for 30 minutes, then rinse, cleanse, and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo & Conditioner. Spray Color Attach: Step-2 into towel-dried hair and comb through.




Use L’ANZA Color Films while applying VIBES Accent Colors to monitor processing and color placement.