All shampoos contain surfactants, which supply cleansing action and lathering properties. “Surfactant” is an abbreviation for “surface-active agents” because they help break the surface tension of water, allowing it to better remove oils and debris from the hair. Surfactants are divided into two types: Sulfate and Sulfate-Free.

L’ANZA technology has allowed us to develop blends of non-sulfate surfactants that provide a rich lather in our sulfate-free shampoos. There are also surfactants that are not sulfate-based, but just as effective at gently cleansing the hair. These sulfate-free blends are milder and have been proven to extend the life of hair color.



Gugo Bark has been used by native Polynesians for centuries as a natural surfactant to gently refresh and purify hair. The bark’s extract produces abundant lather that lifts away impurities without removing vital oils or nutrients from the hair. To provide gentle cleansing and abundant lather, L’ANZA uses Gugo Bark in all Advanced Healing Shampoos.



Sodium Chloride, also known as salt, has long been used in shampoos as a thickening agent. However, many smoothing systems recommend their clients not use shampoos that contain Sodium Chloride because it can interfere with the chemicals that smooth the hair. For this reason, L’ANZA has formulated our Advanced Healing Shampoos without Sodium Chloride. Our shampoos are safe and effective to use with smoothing systems.



All L’ANZA Advanced Healing products use Paraben-Free ingredients to protect against a broad range of microorganisms. Additionally, all L’ANZA products are Gluten Free.

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