Healing Smooth

Collection: Healing Smooth

Smoothed, Sealed, Delivered
Naturally Smooth & Silky Hair

Get the silkiness and sleekness you desire without the undesirable side effects of chemical straighteners and relaxers. By taming uncooperative curls and eradicating pesky frizz, our smoothing hair products from the Healing Smooth collection give your hair the tranquility it needs.

The Coix sleek complex, a component of L'ANZA's smoothing hair products, was developed to provide the hair with the highest level of relaxation without causing further damage. Each strand of hair is given flexibility by coix seed, and the mangosteen fruit extract provides hair with an iridescent shine. Incorporate the Healing smooth products into your hair care routine to enjoy the luxury of healthy, silky hair.

Learn why L'ANZA's Healing Smooth collection is the choice of salons and hair stylists around the world seeking the best smoothing hair products. When you select healing hair care from L'ANZA, you can start on the path to creating beautiful, healthy hair.